Playback problems with AVC761

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Playback problems with AVC761

Postprzez joejonsme » 2018-06-04, 14:24


I've recently bought and installed an AVC 761 DVR with 2 cameras only. I can see live feed from both cameras in either case where connected remotely or via directly connected monitor. However when I try to playback I'm getting a only scrambled/encoded like picture. I have tried numerous settings CIF mode and Frame mode to resolve this problem.
My question(s) is(are), has anyone else had this problem and if so how did they resolve it? Is it required to have 4 cameras connected to the 761 rather than in my setup where I only have record enabled for the 2 cameras? (note:- I have only enabled recording on 2, also I'm only doing manual records and can see the houry system recorded files from the search option on the OSD.)
Any Help would be appreciated.

Please help.

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